Fresh Lettuce has grown!

Freshest lettuce has grown at farm!

Written by Aquaponical.Co


Finally, we have our first lettuce harvest and would like to invite all of you to visit our farm or place an order through our online store, where you can buy not only the salad itself but also other high-quality products for your table.
Why do we have healthy food?
Unlike vegetables grown using hydroponics technology, where the manufacturer can add fertilizers to water or soil, growing vegetables using aquaponics technology does not allow this for several reasons:
1. We do not want to do this for reasons of principle, as we believe that adding any fertilizer to water or soil will worsen the quality of products and the health of our customers.
2. Aquaponics is a closed system where the water that feeds the plants is supplied from the tanks where the fish live, and if someone wants to add fertilizer to the water, he will destroy the fish.
Without fish, our plants will not receive nutrients and will also die.
Therefore, given these two reasons, adding fertilizer to water or soil is not our case.

And that’s why you can rest assured that all of our vegetables are grown without the use of chemicals.
So, once you start shopping for our vegetables and fish, you will have the most environmentally friendly table in Florida, the same quality as our ancestors ate in the pre-industrial era.

So, welcome for a fresh lettuce!
Come or buy it here:

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  1. Linda Grays

    Looks nice.
    How can I make an online order with direct delivery to my home?

    • Aquaponical.Co

      Hi, Linda!
      Just do not forget to mention your actual shipping address and it will b delivered shortly.
      Have a nice day and easy shopping!


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