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Healthy & Delicious Fish

Tilapia’s tolerance for low water quality and the fact that they eat a wide variety of natural food species are both beneficial aquacultural qualities.

Tilapia is a tasty fish with mild white fillets. There are hundreds of tilapia recipes available, allowing you to come up with new, healthy dinners for your family. Fresh tilapia is in high demand, not just at home but also at restaurants and seafood markets.

The absence of additives to the fish food and ideal growing conditions allow us to get a high yield, and we are glad to offer you, perhaps, the best fish fillet in our area.

Our farm produces black tilapia and we offer it as boneless and skinless fillets, packed on the plastic trays.
We also can offer bulk volumes of frozen fillets packed in icy boxes by special contract deliveries for restaurants and cafes. 
Please contact our sales department for details.

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One of the first fish species to be grown was Nile tilapia (O. Niloticus). Nile tilapia were cultivated more than 3,000 years ago, according to Egyptian tomb illustrations. In reference to biblical scriptures concerning the fish served to the crowds, tilapia has been nicknamed “Saint Peter’s fish.”

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Secret ingredient

Raising healthy fish is not easy.
Fish need more to grow than clean water, light, oxygen, and space.
Fish need quality feed.
It is in the fish food we have created that the secret of its high quality lies.

Our feed has a unique composition, which contains all the substances necessary for growth, has a high nutritional value, and does not pollute the reservoirs where the fish live with its residues.
This composition consists entirely of natural ingredients, does not contain chemicals and preservatives.

The feed is always fresh, as it is prepared directly on our farm and only in the quantities necessary for feeding.
The fish eats it with pleasure, is actively gaining weight, which means that our food is of high quality and good taste.

In the future, we plan to organize the production and sale of our feed for everyone who decides to raise fish. We ask you to make requests to our sales department so that we can make our wonderful food for you.

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Online & Pick-up
at the Farm!

You can now pre-order your veggies and other local products online from Monday through Friday for pick-up at the farm on Saturday!

If you made an order in our online store, but you have no time to pick up your purchase in person, just order delivery and we will deliver it to your home.

We really want to provide local, organic veggies to our community.