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Aquaponical.co and Aquaponical.shop are the websites of Tree of Life LLC, founded in 1971.
The main mission of our company is to deliver quality food to local residents at an attractive price.

Tree of Life aquaponic farms are systems that combine the cultivation of fish and plants in a practical, productive, and environmentally friendly way. A zero-waste recirculation system is used to produce large quantities of leafy greens, grasses, and fish.

Our farm has a modular system that can be quickly customized according to our production needs.

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Fish Heads

Leafy Greens

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Products of the farm require crystal clear water.
For this purpose, all circulated water is conditioned to ideal values by the existing water treatment system (station capacity is 100,000 gallons per day).

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What is Aquaponics?


Each product is a link in the food chain, where the lifespan of one product is directly related to the lifespan of another.
Any chemical applied to any link in the chain will cause the chain to break. This is why aquaponics products are so healthy and delicious.
The water supply to plants is carried out by the water in which the fish live, which guarantees the purity of the final product at the level of the pre-industrial era of mankind.

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How it works

Main Idea

It is worth looking at the general idea of the aquaponics working unit in order to understand in detail how the entire system works.
It’s simple.
Thanks to this simplicity, you can use such a system anywhere in your home, yard, or even in the basement or attic. We use it on our farm. The main thing is to have water, electricity, good fish food, or quality seeds for plants.
With all of this, you can grow fresh vegetables and fish for yourself or for sale/barter all year round.
How is Aquaponics different from Hydroponics?
Hydroponics is a system where plants are grown WITHOUT fish and where water is used as a means of supplying plant nutrients. Therefore, in hydroponics, fertilizers can be added to the water, which is strictly prohibited in aquaponics, since the presence of any chemicals in the water will simply kill the fish.
That is the answer to your question about why you should trust us. 
That is why we offer only natural organic food. 

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Online & Pick-up
at the Farm!

You can now pre-order your veggies and other local products online from Monday through Friday for pick-up at the farm on Saturday!

If you made an order in our online store, but you have no time to pick up your purchase in person, just order delivery and we will deliver it to your home.

We really want to provide local, organic veggies to our community.