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Welcome to the first organic farm in North Port where we use Aquaponics, the greenest food technology ever!
Aquaponics, in our opinion, is a clever blend of contemporary technology with the natural synergy of plants and fish.

We allow the fish to feed the plants with fertilizers, which then purify the water by pumping it back to the fish in a closed water loop.
This gives amazing results: we use very little water and energy, and the yield is many times higher than with conventional farming.
We invite you to visit our farm, where you can buy fresh vegetables and fish, and feel the taste of natural products that do not contain the same chemicals used in fertilizers, and which taste like the products that our ancestors ate.

In our blog, we will publish the most relevant news about our company, tell you about new products, and give cool recipes for various dishes that can be prepared from our products, and you will also always be aware of all promotions and discounts.
We invite you to actively participate in the discussions, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
We are always happy to answer any question and will try to help you!

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  1. Jack R.

    Good luck, guys and gals!
    I am fully yours…
    I wish you all the best and let God bless your farm!

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Online & Pick-up
at the Farm!

You can now pre-order your veggies and other local products online from Monday through Friday for pick-up at the farm on Saturday!

If you made an order in our online store, but you have no time to pick up your purchase in person, just order delivery and we will deliver it to your home.

We really want to provide local, organic veggies to our community.